Making an Impact on the Greater Community

“The Effective Compassion Training offered to members of New Hope Presbyterian forced all in attendance to re-evaluate how we were “helping the poor.” It was hard for me to realize that the many good things we were doing were really providing the wrong incentive to those we thought we were helping. To all who participate beware, you will be challenged to rethink some long held assumptions.”

Stu Austin, Associate Pastor of New Hope Presbyterian Church, Fort Myers, FL

“This letter is to recommend the Freedom & Virtue Institute. We received their training program at our agency and it was thought provoking as to why we do the things we do. After the training, we evaluated our programs to see how we can better serve our clientele by assisting progression with their futures, while maintaining their dignity. Our mission is to provide emergency services while promoting self-sufficiency. In order to fulfill our mission, we strive to help our clients move forward in their lives by giving a hand-up not just a hand-out. We want our clients to become productive citizens and realize they are their best advocate for their own self-being. The Institute is a blessing to our community & country, working hard to relay their mission and concepts across America so that people can and will become productive citizens while retaining their dignity…”

Charlotte Rae Nicely, Executive Director, Lehigh Community Services

“The Effective Compassion Training helped us to understand how to give and how to teach people to acquire the tools the poor need to become self-sufficient. In that way, people can feel proud of their accomplishments and useful to others. We want now to help people reconnect with their community and reincorporate themselves into society. The training also helped us recognize what are the real needs of each person or family.”

Mercedes Castillo, Co-Founder and Vice President of San Martin de Porres Ministry, Fort Myers, FL

“We found the Effective Compassion Training to be very helpful for our outreach efforts. The training allowed us to grow as a team, and to implement more effective outreach strategies in our community.”

Neil Volz. Outreach Director, Next Level Church, Ft Myers, FL

“Through the ministry of Ismael Hernandez and the Freedom and Virtue Institute our church has gained knowledge, insight, and perspective to minister effectively to the needy in our area. Ismael presented such exceedingly helpful curriculum to our Adult Sunday School class that we were eager to invite him back. We recommend his work highly to other churches, organizations, and individuals.”

Ron Henzel, Elder, Evangelical Presbyterian Church, Cape Coral, FL

“A few years ago when my wife Kathy and I decided to facilitate classes on the Constitution called Christianity and the Constitution, we looked for local speakers that we thought may be able to speak during the classes. We ran across Ismael Hernandez and the Freedom and Virtue Institute. It didn’t take long to realize that Ismael was exactly what we were looking for. Ismael and the Freedom and Virtue Institute are exactly what this country needs to put us back on the track that our Founders had intended. We support them both wholeheartedly.”

David Doan, Lehigh Acres FL

“Ismael…you spoke at our Riverside mission team meeting about a year or so ago. Funny how God works but he almost never works as fast as we think he should. Your talk about handing out “things” to impoverished people “freely” and not requiring anything back from them, really worked on me since your informative talk. The LORD really has been molding my thinking and I have come full circle from where I used to be. I have been on several short term mission trips to impoverished countries where I keep seeing good intentions, but predictable and unattended results. My mind has been transformed into thinking only about ways to empower them instead of free handouts….”

Jim Brooks, Riverside Mission Team Member
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