Self-Reliance Clubs

‘We believe that the struggle itself is the instrument through which people get out of poverty’ – Ismael Hernandez, FVI Founder

Our belief is that society thrives when people become active participants in the building of their own lives and are able to become individually sustainable.

The Self-Reliance Clubs exist to educate the next generation to understand that they are the champions of their own lives. Through their own initiative, ingenuity, and hard work, they will realize that they have the power to determine the direction of their future.

Self-Reliance Clubs are set up in schools to provide under-privileged students with the opportunity to work in various entrepreneurship initiatives, learn economics, earn money, and gain self-esteem and a sense of individual freedom.  The ‘money’ earned can then be used to purchase school supplies, equipment, and clothing.

Urban Farming is the enterprise chosen by this SRC Club.

SRC Members receiving their earnings & honor at the Rewards Ceremony

The Self-Reliance Clubs are intended to be simple and to fit easily into the school’s activities. There are numerous possibilities for student participants to earn money for supplies by performing meaningful, measureable tasks in their school, such as:

  • Participation in approved work to improve grades
  • Tutoring younger students or peers
  • School and community clean-up and beautification projects
  • Helping teachers or school staff with age-appropriate tasks
  • Planning and implementing students' ideas to improve their school and/or community
  • Micro-finance projects
  • Gardening/farming
  • Recycling/sustainability

The possibilities are unlimited and can be as big as the students’ dreams! For more information on how you can help, click here or call (239) 240-9393.

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