Our Mission and Values

Mission Statement THE MISSION OF THE FREEDOM AND VIRTUE INSTITUTE IS TO PROMOTE INDIVIDUAL LIBERTY, SELF-RELIANCE, AND HUMAN DIGNITY. The Freedom & Virtue Institute believes in fostering attitudes and leading initiatives that build off the principle of creating self-reliance among underprivileged children and individuals enduring hardship that wish to better their situations and live a dignified, self-sustainable life. Presently, the Freedom & Virtue Institute conducts three unique causes:  The Self-Reliance Clubs, Dignity of Work  and the Effective Compassion Training programs.

Our Values Five core values support and accomplish our mission.

Jim DeMint from The Heritage Foundation
  • Individual Freedom: As historian and writer Lord Acton stated, liberty is not the power of doing what we like, but the right of being able to do what we ought. Individual liberty is the liberty of those persons who are free from external restraint in the exercise of those rights which enable people to fulfill their duties in life. People are free when, moved by an internal conviction of what is good they use their autonomy to recreate their environment for the good.
  • Human Dignity: Human beings have certain natural special capacities that comes from being made in the image and likeness of God. Two important capacities are reason, helping us to discover the truth, and choice, so that we can do what is good. Our institute promotes initiatives that value and enhance human dignity by promoting good character, self-worth, creativity, entrepreneurship, and well-being.
  • Education: We use our reason to discover the truths about our universe, our world and our society. Education is essential to that task of discovering the truth. We teach the principles of effective compassion to families, communities, volunteer organizations, and churches; and those we teach spread the message throughout their local communities and across the country.
  • Initiative: Human persons with dignity are not called to be passive recipients of magnanimity but to become active participants in lives built by themselves. The best instrument in building lasting and positive change in our community is by creating avenues for people to use their talents in creative ways to find solutions to their problems.
  • Self-Reliance: Our most fundamental reliance is on God. God shows the capacities of reason and choice to perfection. We rely on our capacities because we were made in his image. That is, we use the gifts he gave us to recreate our environment and produce positive outcomes for ourselves, our families, and our community. Finally, we rely on others and cooperate because others also are made in the image of God—we are called to communion! Our Institute encourages replacing the attitudes of entitlement and dependency by teaching individuals that they must become accountable for their own lives and well-being.

Our Guiding Principles




The Freedom & Virtue Institute strives to educate citizens on America’s founding principles of limited government and individual freedom and to uphold the ideas of human dignity and personal responsibility that result from having free will. We bring opportunities into the local community for citizens to learn, discuss and implement our causes. In pursuing our goals, the institute does not support/endorse any specific political party or candidates, but instead looks at the “big picture” and the role of government in our society. We believe human freedom and private initiative in local communities are the best instruments to create lasting positive change in our society.

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